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While home security systems keep your home safe whether you are there or not, you can add another layer of protection to them. This article is all about how strategically placed panic buttons can protect you and your family while you are home. They will also work whether or not the security system has been

Warehouses and distribution centers are the backbone of any business. From raw commodities to final products, all of the valuable and tangible assets are placed in these settings for a considerable time. That is why, for any business venture, it is necessary to have fool-proof security measures in place on these locations. Warehouses become more

Construction sites are home to building materials and tools, and are often prone to theft. It is very difficult to secure these sites from thieves and burglars, who often steal tools and construction materials from these locations. If an important tool is lost or stolen on a construction site, it has to be replaced, increasing

When we think about a vacation, we try to think of sunny beaches and margaritas. Nevertheless, other negative thoughts keep intruding and leaving home seems like such a hassle. We start thinking of all the security concerns we would have while away and end up staying home during the holidays. No more though; this article

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Winter may be a favorite for your kids but as an adult, you know that you also need to be prepared for severe winter weather. One of the reasons behind that prepping remains the power outages that result from freezing rain, snow, and sleet due to winter storms. The accumulating snow acts as a barrier

Commercial buildings like shopping malls, community centers, and retail centers are mostly located in large areas. According to estimates, a majority of the Canadian shopping and retail centers are located at more than 10,000 sq.ft area. Apart from a few basic security tactics, it is difficult to employ the advance security tactics in such commercial

People keep weapons at home for a number of reasons. Some people find it cool, whereas others do not rely on their governments for their personal safety, and for some, keeping a weapon at home is their job requirement. Keeping a legal weapon is definitely not offensive or bad. However, keeping a legal weapon unsafely

From political parades to peace walks, kids love to become a part of these exciting, fun-filled activities. The following safety tips will help you to keep your kids safe during a parade. Make a Chain It is highly important to keep a track of the whereabouts of your child in a parade. Ask all your

Professional Monitoring – What It Is If you have signed for a professional monitoring service, then you can expect round the clock protection throughout the year. The security is there regardless of your presence at home or if you are away. Professional Monitoring – How It Works You arm your security system and if the

Any kind of harassment in the office, from violence and threats, to direct assault, may become a crime if you do not report it at the early stages. Some people accept bullying while others do not tolerate a violent expression. This occurs due to the difference in social and ethical values of individuals. However, your